The Real ‘Umbrella Authority’


Surprised and saddened to discover ‘umbrella authority’ is alive and well in Christendom. The ultimate authoritative umbrella, GOD the Father, is missing from this line drawing found at Anointed Wives’ Ministry through Facebook social media.

I first learned of ‘umbrella authority’ at a two or three-day conference in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1980s. I learned that as a woman, if I step from underneath the protective authority of a man, I stand unprotected and exposed to the forces of evil – as if I do not have God the Holy Spirit indwelling me. Somehow I am a lesser being than the ‘husband’ solely because I am the ‘wife’ – i.e. the woman.

In my novel, I flesh out this distorted view of godly marriage – of godly relationships between men and women – to its extreme conclusion – misogyny, lust, rape, murder, mayhem.

Not to be taken lightly, ‘umbrella authority’ is looking through a glass darkly, forgetting who we are meant to be as Christian men and women.

No, More Than Once

Once – no, more than once – I drove out of my way to experience Skyline Chili. Have you? What did you think of the famous Cincinnati chili? Was it worth the extra gasoline and the ‘wasted’ time? What’s your favorite way to eat Skyline Chili? I mean, what toppings do you like? What kind of drink do you consume with your chili?

Come on now – participate!


Flannery O’Connor says – essentially – ‘let go and let God’ in regards to your finished novel. She says that to worry over your book is to try to take control of it from God. God is going to do whatever He wants to do with your work no matter what you think of it or how much you worry over it.

Hard lesson to learn.

A novel is like your child – you want to see it get up and do something!


Clifty Falls

Clifty Falls State Park is a locale in my novel, IN THE SEVENTH DAY. As my author description explains, I used to skinny dip in the super cold waters of the creek below the falls. I’m amazed we didn’t get caught.

Clifty Falls is a lovely park in North Madison with many trails.

A Surprise

I finished reading my novel IN THE SEVENTH DAY this Christmas morning. Yes, I’ve read it many times; this time I tried to read it as if I hadn’t written it. Yes, that’s difficult to do. But, a moment in the story surprised even me. I realized that one character had actually done something I’d attributed to another character! Oh the tricks of the mind!

My son said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. You didn’t know that?”

“Well,” I said. “Yes, sort of…”