For Your Information [FYI] – During my read-through this morning, I found one spacing error. I’ve fixed this in the original document and uploaded the corrected version to Createspace.

This means IN THE SEVENTH DAY is temporarily unavailable on and Createspace e-Store.

With 48 hours, the file should be “checked” and ready for proofing. Once proofed, the novel will be available again.

2 comments on “

  1. Jeff says:

    Does that mean my copy is defective? 😀

    • On page 17, near the bottom of the page, there’s no paragraph break between, “In Jesus’ name, amen” said by Kevin and “Tom says, “Amen.”
      Yeah, that’s the ONE defect I’ve found so far.
      I was understandably frustrated after proofing the book “to death!”
      P.S. I’ve already fixed it! So if you want to buy another copy – LOL!

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