Clifty Falls

Clifty Falls State Park is a locale in my novel, IN THE SEVENTH DAY. As my author description explains, I used to skinny dip in the super cold waters of the creek below the falls. I’m amazed we didn’t get caught.

Clifty Falls is a lovely park in North Madison with many trails.


6 comments on “Clifty Falls

  1. nance49 says:

    I lived in Madison from 1974 to 1978 and remember hikes and exploring in Clifty Falls Park.

    • I was transitioning from elementary school to middle school about that time… Don’t you love southern Indiana? The green greens! The blue sky! The SNOW*?

      P.S. Don’t you have anything to say about SKYLINE CHILI?

      • nance49 says:

        Sure do. I lived in Cincy from 6th grade until leaving for college. I remember going “downtown” for Skyline Chili. I started with the 3-Way and moved to 5-Way Chili soon after. I have lived in Texas for 30+ years and have never developed a taste for Texas Chili. I still make my chili with spaghetti and cheese much to the horror of Texans.

      • Wonderful. I devoured Skyline Chili yesterday in Cincinnati; at the one near the zoo. Yummy!

  2. Jeff says:

    Hmmm…chili with spaghetti. Now that sound interesting.

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