Let me say right off the bat that In the Seventh Day is most definitely NOT for the faint of heart. Ms. Easton has created a character that is terrifying. Springboarding off of a popular ultraconservative concept called “umbrella authority,” she takes that idea and has it run amok in this little community. Kevin Hillar takes this idea of authority to an extreme and uses it in ways that are shocking and frightening (not to mention nauseating). The way he manipulates people is creepy. He certainly does have a “gift.”

The scenes are graphic. The crimes are almost done without any thought, making Kevin Hillar one of the most terrifying villains I’ve ever seen, especially when coupled with a religious concept that I already didn’t agree with.

I enjoyed the book, while hating the main characters. Pretty much all of them. In truth, there really is no “protagonist” in this story. The people who fall prey to Hillar’s manipulation are just as much to blame as he. The only true innocent in this tale is the young Patricia, just a teen. This is a shocking look at a horrible type of manipulation. It made me think of a song by Steve Taylor from 1985, called “I Manipulate.”

Let me re-emphasize…don’t read this book if you’re squeamish. There are scenes that will turn your stomach. If you can handle it, grab it.

4 comments on “Review of IN THE SEVENTH DAY

  1. Thanks Jeff for your wonderful review! – Jane

  2. However, think about it again – there are 3 innocents in the novel. Yes? – Jane

  3. Jeff says:

    Yes, I guess you’re right. And you’re welcome. 🙂

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