Firefox’ Death

I’ve had to stop using Firefox completely. My cursor shows, but when I begin to type, I get a ‘thunk-thunk’ noise that’s incredibly annoying since no letters appear and the cursor sits frozen in place.

I’m slowly learning to accept the bland look of Safari because the speed is stunning. Pages load faster; typing is smoother; everything is better.

But, I miss… color.

The grass is green

When I was a child, we’d take Sunday afternoon drives out into the countryside and drive and drive and drive. My parents were so boring sometimes! What I remember most about those long, dull drives is the grass in southeastern Indiana. The grass, especially in the early springtime, was so so so green – a bright blossoming green akin to the ‘spring’ green crayon in the yellow box by Crayola. 

And the darker greens in the tree canopy! Amazing! 

Oh readers, where are you?

Who wants to read a book about an evil man, anyway? I guess not many are particularly interested in learning about the oppression of umbrella authority Christianity and its devastating effects on the family, especially on female members of the family.

No one wants to be brought up short by sexual abuse and murder.