A snippet from an email from my father…

“You have a classic anti-hero in the personage of Kevin.  He is compelling, revolting, completely without conscience and graced with a charisma that you describe with skill.  His is such a commanding presence that I found it a great relief to find myself in a chapter involving other characters–the investigator, his female assistant, the sheriff, his office gal.  I knew that for that span of novel time I would be spared witnessing Kevin’s machinations, his indomitable evil incarnate.  Those hiatuses allowed me to stay with the novel through all the chapters that rived my heart to witness the graphic degradations promulgated by Kevin in scene after scene.  I think it is a telling device to let us hear his egocentric italicized and disdainful remarks about those who would catch him out, about those incapable of seeing through his hypocrisy.  Fools, he would name them.”

– My father

2 comments on “A snippet from an email from my father…

  1. Thanks Urban Wall Art, One Anna, and the Corn Goblin.

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