Up on the roof

I love Seth’s photographs of Cincinnati. I love the colors of this city.


While walking around Cincinnati this afternoon, Todd and I happened upon an unusual scene.  Off in the distance, up high, were two men, perched on the edge of bravery and stupidity.  At first, I thought they might be guardian angels.  After seeing them a bit closer through my zoom lens, I realized that guardian angels usually don’t wear sweatpants and slippers.  And of course, they did not have wings.  Then I thought they might be shape shifters, one minute man, the other a bird.  But after thinking about their attire again, I realized they were not shape shifters either.

Regardless of the reason these two fearless or crazy (take your pick) men were up on that roof, it was an interesting sight to see.  I guess to some extent, we are all dancing that line of brave or stupid and fearless or crazy.  To think about it further, we are…

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