Making headway

My latest novel (working title: GANI & SEAN) is well underway. Set in a presently unknown country, two assassins are thrown together – one male, the other female. What happens is yet to be… written. More to come.

7 comments on “Making headway

  1. Thanks Michael and Lynette. I’m making even better headway today – well into 8K words.

  2. Oo! Sounds pretty cool! I hope to be an author someday. Any tips? I would greatly appreciate it! I have ok ideas, but I really hope to be able to develop better ideas. Ones that maybe make a little more sense.

    • My advice — keep writing! Write every day. Try to not pre-judge your work; instead, let it flow. Later — that’s the time to get critical, not while you are putting it on paper for the first time. And, read! Read! Read! ~ Jane

  3. Thanks so much! I think that I have the reading part down, though. I could bump up my reading to a book a week. I feel like that may be a bit tough. I definitely need to get better about writing every day. I write on my blog, and sometimes in my journal, but other than that, not much. It is rather hard to find the free time.

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