28K and beyond…

When a rocket takes off, the blast is enormous. Then as it climbs, it breaks off parts of itself in stages, making itself lighter and able to travel farther by escaping earth’s gravity. Presently, my novel is climbing and the weight of the earth is pulling it down, I think. Nevertheless, this struggle is a stage in its growth. 

I am presently in Chapter 23 The Call of my novel-in-process, GANI & SEAN. I’ve just written my 28,216th word. I’m tired and I’m hungry and my legs feel like lead weights.

Time to get up, move around, eat lunch.

Total freedom…



The handgun used by my character, The voice — one of the most expensive handguns in the world, the Wilson Combat is just plain gorgeous! 

When you write, you enjoy total freedom to be and do and have anything you want.

Holy Moly – Approaching 24K…

Sitting in a local wine bar, I am writing a sex scene in the midst of people who are likely 10 or so years older than I am — I look at the words on my computer screen and wonder if sex is really that much fun and that dangerous. Who knows? I don’t. I only know my characters are real people, and this is what they know, and what they want from each other.

An Invitation

An Invitation

Please consider purchasing my first novel, IN THE SEVENTH DAY which is not about Mormons! This novel is about religion gone haywire, however. The novel is also graphic — violent with sadism and evil displayed. Thanks in advance!

More and more and more headway…

This evening, I cracked 14K on my latest novel, GANI & SEAN ( in process )… My characters are coming to life, especially a side character named Kristoff Koczella who is called The Cock behind his back ( although he knows he’s called this ). The Cock is a drug kingpin, rich beyond imagination, who likes alcohol and women almost as much as he likes money. 

Another character coming to life is his limousine driver, John. 

My main characters are finding their ways, struggling to emerge as REAL people in charge of their own destinies.