Sold a Kindle Edition

Unbeknownst to me, I sold a Kindle edition of IN THE SEVENTH DAY on April 14th. I have no idea who bought it, but I am grateful. As you can tell, I don’t sell many copies of my novel.

So, I’m quite thrilled that someone new is reading my book.

The incarnation of Jack

So, in like two seconds of my last post, I know the answer. Of course crime novels written by women sell less than ones written by men. Why? Because plenty of research shows women are dismissed by men and by women. Women are less serious, less talented, more inclined to sentimentality, more likely to be bitchy and irritable and manipulative.

A woman’s chances of being read by anyone — whether male or female — are smaller than the chances of a man being read.

So, GANI & SEAN is now written by me, and my name is Jack Winter.