36,693 Word Count

I just wrote my 36,693rd word in GANI & SEAN, my in process crime novel. I also finished my draft of Chapter 30 The Roof.



I just wrote my 33,847th word in my latest novel, GANI & SEAN. I’m in Chapter 28 The Promotion in which Kris — the drug kingpin — takes matters into his own strong hands.

28K and beyond…

When a rocket takes off, the blast is enormous. Then as it climbs, it breaks off parts of itself in stages, making itself lighter and able to travel farther by escaping earth’s gravity. Presently, my novel is climbing and the weight of the earth is pulling it down, I think. Nevertheless, this struggle is a stage in its growth. 

I am presently in Chapter 23 The Call of my novel-in-process, GANI & SEAN. I’ve just written my 28,216th word. I’m tired and I’m hungry and my legs feel like lead weights.

Time to get up, move around, eat lunch.

Why “Word Wars” are helpful…

In Camp NaNoWriMo, you have a cabin and in your cabin are cabin-mates. Word wars are predetermined time periods in which you and your opponents/colleagues write as many words as humanly possible.

Why “word wars” are helpful — 

Word wars free your mind to put on to the computer screen or paper whatever comes to it. No prejudgment allowed.

Word wars — yes — help your word count.

In Camp, your objective is to reach however many words you set as a goal for yourself.

My goal is 50,000 words by midnight, April 30th.