Rushing passed 17K…

Today, I’ve written over 2500 words on GANI & SEAN, my latest novel ( in process ). I’m having more fun than I thought I would this April. Inside, my hands are upright and I’m waving them around and my feet are jumping in place, even though I am securely seated on my living room couch, laptop in lap, hands on keyboard.

Here’s to the written word and the unfathomable imaginings of my mind!

Sharing books…

At my fav cosmetologist ( who cuts my hair like no other ever has ) I ask how she likes IN THE SEVENTH DAY which she purchased from me several months ago.

“Oh,” she says, “Remember that I loaned it to another gal? Well, she’s loaned it to someone else now. She started to tell me all about it, but I told her not to.”

My novel is in circulation!