Emerging reality…

Gani Jaksic and Sean LePen are coming into their own right about now in my new novel ( in process ) GANI & SEAN. For me as an author, this is a very exciting time — akin to birthing a child and having him or her grow up into his or her own person. 


More and more and more headway…

This evening, I cracked 14K on my latest novel, GANI & SEAN ( in process )… My characters are coming to life, especially a side character named Kristoff Koczella who is called The Cock behind his back ( although he knows he’s called this ). The Cock is a drug kingpin, rich beyond imagination, who likes alcohol and women almost as much as he likes money. 

Another character coming to life is his limousine driver, John. 

My main characters are finding their ways, struggling to emerge as REAL people in charge of their own destinies.