Oh my…

The reader of IN THE SEVENTH DAY approaches me, eyes wide — the look tells me either he loves my novel or is horrified by it or maybe both!

Sure enough, he raves about it.

“How could that be?” he marvels. “How could they be that submissive? I kept waiting for — but then, you fooled me.”

We talk at length about the characters, about the town, about the abuse! We talk about the real umbrella authority in some evangelical, fundamentalist circles — Umbrella authority that calls for a woman to be entirely submissive to male authority. The look of horror on my reader’s face says it all.

I’ve done my job, and done it well.


As an example of what not to do?

A dear friend of mine today suggested that perhaps my novel might present what not to do in cases of sexual and domestic abuse…

I’m not sure… Actually I think she said my novel might raise awareness of sexual and domestic abuse. Of this I am certain.

I think IN THE SEVENTH DAY is in reality an exploration of how wicked the world can be, and how easily we can fall prey to those who wield the world’s – and Satan’s – power; especially those who wield Lucifer’s power within the clothing of a sheep.