Rough draft finished

My rough draft of GANI & SEAN is done. I just finished it. Now for the hard work — the editing. Reading and re-reading. To make this process easier, I usually order a proof copy of the book, use pencil to mark the whole manuscript. 

A little announcement…

I’ve tweaked IN THE SEVENTH DAY, adding a short chapter with background information on Tom and Susan, the young couple Reverend Kevin violates. I’ve also tweaked other parts of the novel – here and there – usually an extra conversation or a change in word choice, etcetera.

I’ve also lowered the price from $16.99 to $12.99 in order to make it a little easier to purchase. I haven’t lowered the Kindle price yet, but likely will soon.

IN THE SEVENTH DAY is in the ‘review’ process; after I proof it, the novel should be back up and available on

I’ll let you know. You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?


I’m feeling guilty. Not many have spent good money to buy my novel yet, but those who have are in for a surprise – I’m tweaking my story. I’ve tentatively added a chapter, and a few scenes or lines to several chapters.

These changes are in response to my extraordinarily smart father who has made some suggestions about several characters in the tale.

In all fairness, those who’ve bought this book in paperback form, I’ll gladly share a PDF copy of the final with you… after all, you’ve already paid for it, so to speak.

More to follow…

My father’s word

My father’s word

The email I received today from my father was gratifying and challenging. I need to do some work on several characters — flesh out motivations, fix a few logistical problems. But, he calls IN THE SEVENTH DAY “a formidable work.”

I can’t help but like that. 

He warned me what I already know – readers like “happy Hollywood endings” but he acknowledges the artist has every right to show the world as it really is – 

So, back to work…