I bet if my name was Jack…

I’ve been having a debate with myself — if I changed my name to Jack would more people buy my novel IN THE SEVENTH DAY which is about the evil preacher who ingratiates himself into a small town in Indiana where he does such wicked deeds no woman could have written it — perhaps? Or would a male name make no difference?

Any thoughts?

I ask because the other day someone said that I write like a guy and that I write for guys — whatever that means.

Oh my…

The reader of IN THE SEVENTH DAY approaches me, eyes wide — the look tells me either he loves my novel or is horrified by it or maybe both!

Sure enough, he raves about it.

“How could that be?” he marvels. “How could they be that submissive? I kept waiting for — but then, you fooled me.”

We talk at length about the characters, about the town, about the abuse! We talk about the real umbrella authority in some evangelical, fundamentalist circles — Umbrella authority that calls for a woman to be entirely submissive to male authority. The look of horror on my reader’s face says it all.

I’ve done my job, and done it well.

Why getting out is a good idea…

Getting Out

Today I go to a local wine bar, sit at the bar with my computer, order a bite for lunch and two different glasses of red wine. While I sit there, I write.

I find writing at home as good as anywhere else, but now and then getting out of my usual setting is a great idea.

It lends a new perspective and allows me – perhaps – a chance to talk to strangers about writing, about my writing, about my novels. This sharing is always fun, almost never productive in terms of sales, that is. Still, it helps the writing process.

So, get out. Write ‘out.’ Have a blast.

An Invitation

An Invitation

Please consider purchasing my first novel, IN THE SEVENTH DAY which is not about Mormons! This novel is about religion gone haywire, however. The novel is also graphic — violent with sadism and evil displayed. Thanks in advance!