What is a “Train Poem”?

A magnificent “train poem.” Enjoy.


Today I wrote my first train poem since senior year of college. Since I am woefully out of practice, this is the first of my train poems to have a literal train in it, for expressive assistance.

Since train poems don’t usually involve actual trains, then what are they about, and why do I categorize them as such? Train poems are about people. (Very occasionally they are about experiences – for example, I have one train poem about softball.) Trains are incredibly powerful, complex, inspirational and awe-inspiring marvels of engineering, and so are the human subjects of my train poems. When you are about to be hit by a train, there is little else you can do with the last few milliseconds of your life than appreciate the train’s majesty. I compare the impact of certain people on my consciousness to the impact of a train on a body, an…

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