Rough draft finished

My rough draft of GANI & SEAN is done. I just finished it. Now for the hard work — the editing. Reading and re-reading. To make this process easier, I usually order a proof copy of the book, use pencil to mark the whole manuscript. 


For Your Information [FYI] – During my read-through this morning, I found one spacing error. I’ve fixed this in the original document and uploaded the corrected version to Createspace.

This means IN THE SEVENTH DAY is temporarily unavailable on and Createspace e-Store.

With 48 hours, the file should be “checked” and ready for proofing. Once proofed, the novel will be available again.

Digital Proofing 2

Publication date – well, anticipated publication date – is fast approaching. This evening, I downloaded my digital proof of IN THE SEVENTH DAY and began a quick visual scan. Sure enough, discovered 3 ( or perhaps 4 ! ) spacing errors which I fixed.

Uploaded new version; await approval so I may re-proof ( again ! )