The incarnation of Jack

So, in like two seconds of my last post, I know the answer. Of course crime novels written by women sell less than ones written by men. Why? Because plenty of research shows women are dismissed by men and by women. Women are less serious, less talented, more inclined to sentimentality, more likely to be bitchy and irritable and manipulative.

A woman’s chances of being read by anyone — whether male or female — are smaller than the chances of a man being read.

So, GANI & SEAN is now written by me, and my name is Jack Winter.

Story Matters Here

‘Story Matters Here’ is a tagline, as I recall, from a television or cable network channel. Which one? I can’t remember. Another tagline I remember is “The More You Know” and is associated in my mind with a news channel.  Another tagline is something like “so and so knows Drama.”

Right now all I can think is how difficult WordPress has become to navigate. Writing posts in this new format is a pain. I’ve not said anything before but this morning I can’t even edit without saving a draft first. My cursor just freezes up. I think it might be the new version of Firefox mucking with me.

Still I don’t care for the new WordPress way. Sure hope I don’t have to make a change.

Wow, I’m complaining! Yuck!

But I went back to try to take spaces out of this piece, and my keyboard wouldn’t respond. Now that’s truly a pain. A real pain.

Now then, should I publish this *h*t or not? Why not!