Over Coffee and Apple Pie

A dear friend bought a signed copy of IN THE SEVENTH DAY here on the first day of 2013. How lovely.


The Real ‘Umbrella Authority’


Surprised and saddened to discover ‘umbrella authority’ is alive and well in Christendom. The ultimate authoritative umbrella, GOD the Father, is missing from this line drawing found at Anointed Wives’ Ministry through Facebook social media.

I first learned of ‘umbrella authority’ at a two or three-day conference in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1980s. I learned that as a woman, if I step from underneath the protective authority of a man, I stand unprotected and exposed to the forces of evil – as if I do not have God the Holy Spirit indwelling me. Somehow I am a lesser being than the ‘husband’ solely because I am the ‘wife’ – i.e. the woman.

In my novel, I flesh out this distorted view of godly marriage – of godly relationships between men and women – to its extreme conclusion – misogyny, lust, rape, murder, mayhem.

Not to be taken lightly, ‘umbrella authority’ is looking through a glass darkly, forgetting who we are meant to be as Christian men and women.

2nd In-Person Sale

At my local Waffle House (WH), I sold IN THE SEVENTH DAY to one of my favorite waitresses in “the shop” as she and the manager call it.

The boring shop is down the street. Nothing happens there.

The waitress is very kind to purchase my novel, giving me three crisp 5 dollar bills – it’s $15.99 but hey, I’ll take less, of course.

The manager, the waitress, and I talk a little about FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY which I’ve not read and probably won’t read. We talk about my novel, about the preacher who is raised to believe women are designed to be purely for the pleasure of men; having no other purpose in God’s universe.

I see the waitresses’ eyes widen. I nod.

Yes, my novel has a message.