52K plus… the wiggly way straightens…

Ah, the wiggly way has stopped meandering. GANI & SEAN takes a straighter path and quite unexpectedly at 52,952 words. 

I win…

Last night I crossed the finish line, bloodied but not beaten. Presently, my word count is the least of my problems. My plot line is fighting back; time to re-group and take some time to read what I’ve written. I need to reflect on these people I’ve created – do any of them make any sense at all? 



Most likely before I go to sleep tonight, I will have crossed the ‘finish line’ in Camp NaNoWriMo. My finish line is set at 50K in 30 days. As of right now, I’ve written 49,719 words toward GANI & SEAN, my novel. 

The novel is not done, however. I have several challenging problems to solve before the closing sentence is written.