Not WordPress

I discovered – just now – it’s not WordPress that’s messed up; it’s my beloved Firefox. It’s slower than a snail. And it’s messing with my keyboard. Oh how I hate to give it up, but Mozilla has failed me.

I’m on Safari now; I’ve never liked it. It’s so B-L-A-N-D. But it’s F-A-S-T. Apple products like Apple products; so discriminatory!

Story Matters Here

‘Story Matters Here’ is a tagline, as I recall, from a television or cable network channel. Which one? I can’t remember. Another tagline I remember is “The More You Know” and is associated in my mind with a news channel.  Another tagline is something like “so and so knows Drama.”

Right now all I can think is how difficult WordPress has become to navigate. Writing posts in this new format is a pain. I’ve not said anything before but this morning I can’t even edit without saving a draft first. My cursor just freezes up. I think it might be the new version of Firefox mucking with me.

Still I don’t care for the new WordPress way. Sure hope I don’t have to make a change.

Wow, I’m complaining! Yuck!

But I went back to try to take spaces out of this piece, and my keyboard wouldn’t respond. Now that’s truly a pain. A real pain.

Now then, should I publish this *h*t or not? Why not!