Or this color…


Or perhaps “firebrick red” for the cover font rather than “maroon.” Looking at it later in the day, I think I prefer the maroon. What do you think?

Do crime novels by women sell?

I continue my debate with myself — do crime novels written by women sell? Should I change my name on my second novel from Jane Cooper Easton to Jack Winter. I thought of this male author name this morning almost as I opened my eyes to the day. ( I think Jack Winter or is it Winter Jack is an alcohol of some kind, perhaps in Great Britain? ) 

Will men be more interested in a crime novel written by Jack Winter than they are in one written by Jane Easton?

And what — if any! — are the differences between a novel written for women and a novel written for men!?

I bet if my name was Jack…

I’ve been having a debate with myself — if I changed my name to Jack would more people buy my novel IN THE SEVENTH DAY which is about the evil preacher who ingratiates himself into a small town in Indiana where he does such wicked deeds no woman could have written it — perhaps? Or would a male name make no difference?

Any thoughts?

I ask because the other day someone said that I write like a guy and that I write for guys — whatever that means.