There is a church that lies across the great pathway.  It greeted me when I arrived Indianapolis today. “Welcome to my city”, the church said.  “I’ve been here a great long time and I have seen generations come and go, buildings rise and fall and my little city grow into something big.  I think I’ve seen you here before too.  Now take my picture and spread the word.  Even though I have met many, I’ve still so many to see.”  And with that, the church bid me adieu and began it’s hourly song of bells.

Shadow of faith.

 St John Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN.

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A telephone review…

A friend of mine just called me to tell me she read IN THE SEVENTH DAY in one sitting! She started it one evening and “couldn’t put it down.”

“It’s shocking,” she said.

“Did you like it?” I want to know.

“Oh yes! You’ve quite a story here. So much in it.”

Of course, you know I asked her to “write a review!”

A snippet from an email from my father…

“You have a classic anti-hero in the personage of Kevin.  He is compelling, revolting, completely without conscience and graced with a charisma that you describe with skill.  His is such a commanding presence that I found it a great relief to find myself in a chapter involving other characters–the investigator, his female assistant, the sheriff, his office gal.  I knew that for that span of novel time I would be spared witnessing Kevin’s machinations, his indomitable evil incarnate.  Those hiatuses allowed me to stay with the novel through all the chapters that rived my heart to witness the graphic degradations promulgated by Kevin in scene after scene.  I think it is a telling device to let us hear his egocentric italicized and disdainful remarks about those who would catch him out, about those incapable of seeing through his hypocrisy.  Fools, he would name them.”

– My father

A Review! I missed…

“Jane Cooper Easton’s “In The Seventh Day” is a great read. I can see this storyline making its way into a “Justified” series (calling those who script the series… take a look at this one). I must admit, it’s a little off the beaten path of most of my reading, but when I finally got into its pages, I read it through to completion… in a very short timeframe. I got a little queezy during a few scenes, so be warned, the author allows the central character to run with his take on his (mis)understanding of Scripture. This dude is not a nice guy. But then, it’s very difficult to find anyone in the storyline who could be called the good guy. The crimes committed and their justification (a nod to the scripters again) in the name of Christianity is appalling to say the least. In the end, I believe there is an intention by the author to cause the reader to examine our doctrine (not a bad suggestion… ever). The twisting of the Bible’s view of women has always been a concern in the church. The character pastor in this story distorts it so badly that I walked away from this work checking to ensure there isn’t a dab of that mindset in my own life. The ending is really provoking (I’ll say no more, but I closed the cover angry!), but the reader is left understanding a little better how a man could end up with such a distorted view of the grace and mercy of the cross. You’ll have to get beyond some of the crude actions of the main character (the author doesn’t restrain him), but I highly recommend this work. Very moving.”

— MT Sweat

A little announcement…

I’ve tweaked IN THE SEVENTH DAY, adding a short chapter with background information on Tom and Susan, the young couple Reverend Kevin violates. I’ve also tweaked other parts of the novel – here and there – usually an extra conversation or a change in word choice, etcetera.

I’ve also lowered the price from $16.99 to $12.99 in order to make it a little easier to purchase. I haven’t lowered the Kindle price yet, but likely will soon.

IN THE SEVENTH DAY is in the ‘review’ process; after I proof it, the novel should be back up and available on

I’ll let you know. You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?